Mixing: Using Templates In Your DAW

6 Subgroups That Make Up My Routing Template

Before hitting my main output busses, I have 6 subgroups that all of the tracks in my session get assigned to.

  1. Drums

    • All drums & percussion.

  2. Bass

    • Any bass instrument (bass guitar, sub bass synth, low end pad etc.)

  3. Music

    • The music bed. Everything else in the session that is not drums, bass or vocals, for example - guitars, synths, piano, keys etc.

  4. Bass & Music

    • This bus sums the Bass and Music busses.

  5. Instrumental

    • This bus sums the Drums with the Bass & Music busses making it the full instrumental bus.

  6. Vocals

    • All vocals and vocal effects returns are summed at this bus.

These 6 subgroups are summed to the Main aux and Print tracks, controlled by the Master fader.

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Songwriting 101: How To Write A Song

I always start with the music, or melody first. Rarely, if ever, do I start a song by writing lyrics. In my opinion, any song that I’ve attempted to write starting with the lyrics reads more like poetry than a song. I also don’t think what is being said is anywhere near as important as how it sounds. Ever find out the actual lyrics to a song you’ve been singing incorrectly for years? Or find yourself singing or humming a melody to a song and you have no idea what the lyrics are, or what the song is about? What matters first is if the song is catchy.

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5 Tips To A Huge Guitar Tone


Not all guitars are made equal, and picking the right guitar for the part is going to make the biggest impact on nailing the tone. A Stratocaster will never sound like a Gibson Les Paul, and vice versa. If you’re not sure where to start, check out Rig Rundown on PremierGuitar.com

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