Hi Everyone

Mike here (owner, producer), and I wanted to share some insight into what I do, what goes on at the studio, and what you can expect for your project if you decide that you want to work together. The short version: My goal is to work with songwriters, and help take their demos and craft them into finished products that they’re a) proud of, b) finished in a reasonable amount of time and c) don’t require a Kickstarter campaign to fund.

NYC Music Producer Michael Wuerth


Over the last few years I’ve discovered pretty clearly what my niche is. It isn’t necessarily just working on music that I like (though I do love all of the music I produce). It’s working with people that I’m able to help the most. This means taking on projects where I am knowledgable on the history of the genre, as well as what’s current. As a guitarist, bassist, and piano player - it’s working with people that welcome organic instrumentation (there’s of course exceptions like the Tech House album I’m co-writing).

Typical Session

Day one of a project is usually spent building the instrumental to a point where it makes sense to start recording vocals. You’ll want to be singing to a version that’s finished enough so that you can put the right energy into the performance. Often times the first things recorded will be a reference guitar, piano, or keyboard to get the chord progression down. Then, a reference vocal will be recorded so I don’t have to ask you to sing the chorus over and over while I work out the production. Next we’ll add the drums and percussion, some bass, rework the guitar (piano or keyboard) and continue building the track until it feels right.

Day two we’ll usually jump right into vocals, focusing first on perfecting the lead. This is often a combination of a few different vocal takes that we’ll piece together. With the lead vocal in place we’ll get on to doubling, harmonizing, adding backgrounds etc. The fun stuff.

Day three is tiding up loose ends, adding any remaining vocals, exploring some additional production ideas, mixing, and mastering.

Recording Studio Queens

Recording Studio NYC Queens

The Studio

The studio is located in Long Island City, Queens, just outside of Manhattan. It is a cozy, single room production and recording studio that I built with the songwriter in mind. We’re stocked with top of the line guitars and basses from Fender, Gibson, Music Man, & Martin - Microphones from Neumann, Shure, Slate, & Warm Audio - A custom built vocal booth - a few salt lamps for creative vibes. If this sounds like an environment that you’d like to make music in - hit up the contact form on the home page, or shoot me an email at LissLicNy@gmail.com


The studio is located at 37-34 29th st, Long Island City Queens NY. We’re the last door on the right (look for the dance studio inside).